• Tradition of shipping

    Donsötank has a long tradition of shipping from the beginning of the 19th century when the bunker operations started in Gothenburg.


Rederi AB Donsötank was registred in 1953 and since then, the business has grown and more vessels has been acquired.

Below you can read about former ships owned by Donsötank.

M/T RUNO (1953-1961)

Built as a steamship at Thorskog shipyard in 1913 as Ingegerd for Sulfit AB Göta.
40 years later in January -53 she was sold to Donsötank, the name of the vessel was then Hanneström II. She was rebuilt to a motor tanker at Gotenius shipyard in Gothenburg.
The cargo capacity was increased from 325 to 350 dwt. October 13 in 1953 Donsotanks vessel M/T Runo was ready for her first journey.

1958 M/T Runo was rebuilt and got a new fore ship and aft ship and she was lengthen by 12 meters to 420 dwt. In 1961 M/T Runo was sold to D/S Hafnia in Copenhagen and renamed to Brosund. In 1988 Brosund was 88 years old, she was sailing with water in Gibraltar for three years, and in -92 the vessel was ready for scrapping at a shipyard in Spain.

M/T RUNO (1963-1972)

was built for Donsötank at Falkenbergs shipyard and delivered in October 19, 1963. M/T Runo had a length of 60,76 meters and loading 900 dwt, she had a 8-cyl 4-stroke KH Deutz diesel at 1060 BHP. M/T Runo was sold to K. Kindslätt in 1972. The latest information(2000) about the vessel is that she is sailing for Sea Venture & Industrial Dev.Co.Ltd, Nigeria. The name is Eaglet.

More pictures:

More pictures:

M/T CREDO (1969-1974)

was built for Donsötank at Sölvesborg shipyard and delivered on September 16 in 1969. M/T Credo had a length of 75,15 meters and loading 1405 dwt, she was equipped with an 12-cyl 4-stoke B&W Alpha diesel at 1470 BHP, the speed was 12 knots. In 1974 the tanker was sold to Helge Källsson in Lidköping and was renamed to Thuntank 10.

M/T BONITO (1971-1998)

2650 dwt was ordered by Ramses shipping in Oslo at Ekhrots shipyard in Norrkoping Sweden in 1968. The summer of 1971 she was sold to Donsötank, She was then named to M/T Bonito. In 1973 Thunbolagen bought 50% of the vessel and she was renamed to Thuntank 5. In the spring of 1976 she was lengthen by 20 meters and was then loading 5275 ton. In 1985 Thuntank 5 changed main engine, and in 1986 she got her old name back, M/T Bonito. M/T Bonito was sold from Donsö to Ecuador in 1998.

More pictures:

M/T BONITO (2002 - 2006)

Built at Cilik Tekne Tuzla in Turkey 2001. Bought as a second hand vessel never used in 2002. Rebuilt at Falkenberg yard in Sweden to meet Donsötanks requirement regarding living quarters and cargo handling systems. Sold to an American company TAL in 2006 to be used as a bunker vessel for the US Navy.

M/T CROMA (1987-2001)

Built at Ankerlökkens shipyard in Norway 1975, as Jo Atlantic. M/T Tanit was sold to Donsötank in 1987 and named M/T Croma. M/T Croma was in service for Donsötank for 14 years. She was sold to a Nigerian owner in Nov 2001.

M/S CREDO (1978-2003)

was built at Falkenbergsvarv in Sweden 1978, as a general cargo carrier. Credo was in service for Donsötank for 25 years. She was sold in 2003 and is still going strong for the new owners.

M/S MADZY (1981 - 2008)

Built at Bardenflet in Germany 1976, bought by Donsötank in 1981 from Finnlines. 1981 - 1991 Madzy was trading on the spot market world wide. From 1991 she started a charter for JIT Trans with traffic in the Baltic Sea. The charter was taken over by ESL Shipping in 2004. Madzy was sold to an Italian owner and delivered in April 2008.

M/T NAVIGO (1992 - 2012)

Hull built at Masa Yard in Finland and finalized at Brevik Yard in Norway in 1992. Donsötank owned and operated the “razor blade” Navigo for 21 years. During these years she did not have one day of unplanned off-hire. Navigo was delivered to her new owner in the port of Izmir and is now trading in the middle east.

M/T BRO SINCERO (2002 - 2013)

Built at Shanghai Edward Shipyard in 2002. Bro Sincero was built together with Broströms. Donsötank had the management and she was commercial operated by Broströms. After the cooperation between the two companies stopped in 2012, she was handed over to Broströms.

M/S CREDO (2006 - 2014)

After almost eight years in operation for Donsötank we have sold Credo to ESL Shipping. Credo was built at Shanghai Edward Shipyard in 2006 as a joint venture vessel between Donsötank and ESL.

Credo was a very strong and successful ship with no off-hire hours, although she had very many harbor stops and trading in a harsh environment.

M/T PROSPERO (2000 - 2017)

Built at Shanghai Edward Shipyard in 2000. She was the first one followed by 17 vessels to swedish owners. Prospero was the first tanker in the world with diesel electric propulsion and podded drive.  Prospero was delivered to the new owner in Indonesia 2017-07-25



M/T BALTICO (2015 - 2018)

Baltico was taken over in Stockholm Sept 2015, vessel size 25000 tdw, previuos name was Purha from Neste Shipping, delivered sept 2003.

Donsötank hand over vessel to new owner 10 April 2018 in Klaipeda, new name Andrey Pervozvannyi, vessel will trade in Russia.

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