Dear employee,
Our goal is to have an experienced personnel staying on the same vessel long term. This is for the best regarding maintenance and operation of the vessel. To achieve this we are building vessels with the highest standard in the world regarding onboard environment and communication equipment. The crew onboard can enjoy work and free time onboard despite long time away from family and friends. We are also continuously working on improvements, such as courses and get together occasions with the crew on different vessels and the land based personnel.

Why should You work on a Donsötank vessel?

The answer to this might be that we are a small company with a short way to big decisions, you can as an employee in Donsotank affect the daily and long term development in direct contact with the owners. We also care about our employees and see the people onboard as the most important tool in our business.

Hope to see you onboard in a Donsötank vessel in the near future.




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